For Sale: '90 35th Anniversary Thunderbird SC

(Click on the pictures for larger versions)

These picture were taken without washing the car or cleaning the interior. The quality of some of the pictures are poor quality since they were taken with a disposable camera I found while caving (at the entrance of Cemetery Pit)

Granted the driver seat suede could use a cleaning, the sued in the pictures of the seats came out various shades because it was not combed before taking the picture, much like how carpet will show different shades if not combed in the same direction. Regardless, the pictures give an general idea of the condition of the car and the 35th paraphernalia.

Interior  Interior 

Passenger seat  Driver seat 

Rear Seat  Rear Seat 

Front Bumper Damage  Example Hail Dimple  Tint Bubbles 

Purchase Receipt  Repair Receipts 

MN12 Intercooler Fan  8 in. Bazooka Tube 

Tape cleaner / CD case & Suede Cleaner Kit  Tape cleaner / CD case & Suede Cleaner Kit 

35th Keys, Key Chain, & Pen  35th Car Cover (never used)  35th Car Cover (never used)  35th Floor Mat