Hobson Lane

28674 Georgia Tech Station
Atlanta, GA 30332
phone: (404) 894-8165
e-mail: lane@davinci.marc.gatech.edu


In the spring of 1993 Hobson Lane graduated from Vanderbilt University with bachelors degrees in Physics and English. Upon graduation Hobson taught physics at Brandon Hall School for fifteen months. In the Fall of 1995 Hobson enrolled in a masters program at Georgia Institute of Technology and immediately began a co-op assignment with United Technologies Research Center, the research partner of United Technologies Corporation. During the next six months he developed software for corrosion characterization using low frequency electrical impedance and electrochemical noise techniques. In addition he was involved in the development of a prototype system that automatically measures the density of Pratt & Whitney jet engine seals.

Hobson returned to Georgia Tech in the Spring of 1995 and began working in the Intelligent Machine Dynamics Lab. After successfully completing his ME, Dynamics and Controls, Master of Science degree in September, 1996, Hobson accepted employment with TRW Space and Electronics Group in Redonco Beach, CA. A few of his responsibilities include evalutation and testing of optical encoder equipment for space application and star tracker software interface standardization.




Hobson enjoys sailing, hiking, soccer, and tinkering with remote controlled airplanes and other mechanical and electrical projects.

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