Brian Guerriero

2nd year MSME Georgia Tech grad student

CCEFP TB4 Researcher

RoboJackets VP

FIRST Team Leader

Outreach coordinator

IGVC Mechanical Leader

Current CRC, Two legs, and a supporting wheeled cart, Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera mounted on front


Brian Guerriero is the NSF Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power researcher working on TestBed 4: Compact Rescue Crawler at Georgia Tech.

What’s a Compact Rescue Crawler?

The Compact Rescue Crawler (CRC) is a hexapedal (6-legged) robot capable of executing search and rescue missions in disaster areas such as earthquake sites and mine collapses.

The legged nature of this robot allows for extreme maneuverability, and the fluid power provides much more power than standard electric motors.

Only two operational legs exist for research purposes now

Key Research Areas

· Applied realtime pneumatic control of multiple cylinders

· Realtime coordinate transformations

· Haptic (directional force) feedback to the operator

· New cylinder technology with integrated position and pressure sensors

· Gait sequencing for multiple legs


Shipping address:

771 Ferst Dr. NW Rm 220

Atlanta, GA 30332

Contact Info


E-mail: bguerriero3

"at" gatech edu